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Lyra Lumi

Bionic Face Lift Device

Bionic Face Lift Device

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TRIPLE PHOTON THERAPY: Ignite collagen production, fostering a radiant rebirth of your skin like never seen before

VIBRATION MASSAGE: Spark dynamic blood circulation, supercharge skincare product absorption, and melt away facial tension with ease.

EYE MASSAGE: Say goodbye to puffiness and dark circles, revealing a refreshed and luminous visage. No sleep? Now no one will ever know

ANTI-WRINKLE EFFECT: Witness with your own eyes the the smoothing act of fine lines and wrinkles

Blue light: Aids in restoring skin elasticity and firmness.
Green light: Balances the skin and enhances nutrient absorption.
Orange light: Works to repair the skin and diminish the appearance of wrinkles.
Red light: Speeds up skin rejuvenation and improves overall skin texture.

-  Engineered to expertly direct energy across your skin's surface, invigorating blood circulation throughout your body.

- Heated massage head at the perfect 45-degree angle, along with three IPL acoustic modes – choose from low, medium, or high speeds. Further elevate your experience with the serene blue, invigorating green, or rejuvenating red light modes for a massage like no other.

- All in one elevating blood flow, targeting acupressure points, tension knots, and draining the lymphatic system.

Witness a sculpted neck contour, reduced puffiness, swift fatigue relief, and a resurgence of vitality with this exceptional solution.


A1 Mini - 3 MODES

Featuring a 45℃ sensation and three distinct hues of light, the massage head serves specific beauty and neck care purposes:
a. The blue light mode spurs collagen synthesis, firming and tautening the skin while minimizing pores.
b. The green light mode elevates skin oxygenation and stimulates micro-circulation, effectively mitigating lymph edema and reducing swelling.
c. The red light mode amplifies cellular vitality, hastens blood circulation, and fosters the proliferation of fibrous cells and collagen.

A 60-second alert allows you to adjust your massage time, simplifying adjustments to the massage duration. 
Charging duration: Approximately 3 hours
Usage time: Approximately 5 hours

Modes: 3
- Low gear mode (blue light + moderate vibration)
- Moderate speed mode (green light + strong shock +45℃±5℃ magneto-thermal therapy)
- High-speed mode: (red light + strong shock +45℃±5℃ magnetic thermal therapy)
A2 Regular - 6 MODES
The cold compression functionality works in reducing eye puffiness, refining pores, and enhancing skin's firmness. It also comes to the rescue in cases of sunburn or when dealing with skin sensitivity and redness.

Ultrasound high-frequency vibration and intermittent EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation), this device activates collagen production, effectively tightening the skin, and combating fine lines, wrinkles, and pigment irregularities.

Dolphin tail design seamlessly conforms to the contours of the jawline, neck, and shoulders.

6 modes and 4 adjustable levels, catering to diverse requirements:
- Voice wave soothing mode: Massage skin and achieve high efficiency cleaning. (high-frequency vibration + heating)
- Skin rejuvenation mode: Accelerate circulation and activate skin. (high-frequency vibration + heating + red light)
- Warm feeling lifting mode: Balancing skin color and guiding nutrients into the skin. (high-frequency vibration + heating + green light)
- Wrinkle-concealing mode: Repair skin and conceal wrinkles. (high-frequency vibration + heating + orange light)
- Cold compress mode: Refreshing and moisturizing skin.(high-frequency vibration + cold compress)
- EMS firming Mode: Restores elasticity and tightens the skin (high-frequency vibration+EMS+blue light)

Charging time: 2 hours
Usage time: 1-2 hours
Charging status display: While charging, the indicator light flashes and remains steady when fully charged

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